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Here is why you shouldn't drive on a flat tyre....

Tyres are an essential part of any vehicle and despite the risks of driving with flat tyres, some still decide to continue driving with them.

One driver, in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, has learned the hard way after receiving a £120 fine and being banned from driving for 14 months following an incident in which the individual drove a car through Church Lane in Hucknall with a "completely flat tyre" and the offside front tyre down to the rim.

At Mobile Tyres Nottingham, we regularly campaign across Nottinghamshire the risk of using part-worn, or flat tyres. Not only can using worn tyres be damaging to your vehicle, but it increases the chances of having an accident and causing injury to other road users aswell as yourself.

Mobile Tyres Nottingham's services are designed to ensure you never need to drive to a garage with a flat tyre for a replacement increasing the chances of an accident. Our mobile tyre fitting service is available across the whole of Nottinghamshire, and further afield, to fit new, safe tyres at the roadside, home or work.

Avoid potential injuries and accidents. Drive safe and call Mobile tyres Nottingham today for a free quote on any replacement tyre you need!

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