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TPMS - Dont' get caught with your MOT Test

Cars that are registered after 2012 that have a TPMS fault will now automatically fail an MOT Test. So what exactly is a TPMS and what can you do to prevent yourself getting caught out?

TPMS or Tyre Pressure Monitoring System was put into place to alert drivers of any tyre pressure issues with their car and the warning light will illuminate if an issue is present. More often than not the fault will simply be low pressure in one of more of your tyres, low pressure could indicate you have a puncture or a leak on the tyre somewhere.

If your light has illuminated it might be as simple as topping up your tyre pressures and resetting the TPMS - Make sure this is done before you take your vehicle for an MOT test to save any unnecessary stress.

If you require a puncture repair, new tyres or a new TPMS valve we can help - call 0115 7270767 for mobile tyre fitting in Nottingham

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