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The all new Pilot Sport 4 S

Michelin have just launched their latest tyre which is set to replace the Pilot Sport Super Sport. The Pilot Sport Super Sport is widely regarded as the best performing tyre money can buy, so why have Michelin decided to replace it?

Michelin have aimed to improve all aspects of the tyre without compromise but they specifically focused on lap times and wet breaking as the main targets.

To achieve these goals they had to use technology they haven't used before, to improve the dry lap times they used an updated "hybrid nylon and aramid belt" which helps to prevent tyre deformation at high speeds and to improve wet breaking they had to change the manufacturing process to be able to lay two compounds onto the surface off the tyre which we now know as "bi compound technology".

As anyone that has owned Michelins will know, tyre wear has always been a strong point and the Pilot Sport was one of the best wearing tyres in it's class. This however hasn't stopped Michelin from yet again improving the tread life, they have achieved this using computer simulations to control high tyre pressure areas in order to keep temperatures even which reduces tyre wear.

Below are some benchmarks carried out by

As you can see, Michelin have yet again raised the bar with the new Pilot Sport 4 S.

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