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The Dangers of Part-worn Tyres

Part-Worn Tyres Nottingham

The BBC recently suggested that 4.5 million part-worn tyres are sold annually in the UK. This figure is set to rise in 2017 making the part-worn industry a very lucrative one. take a strict stance against selling second hand or part-worn tyres regardless of the huge margins to be made.

These tyres are either coming off the scrap piles or being imported from Europe for the same fee it would cost to dispose of the tyre legally and then being sold back on to the public for large profits.

There are some companies that take the time to test and inspect the second hand tyres they're selling but most aren't and these are where the dangers lie.

In Some areas of the UK, Trading Standards found that more than 80% of the second hand tyres are sold illegally, many had serious defects that posed a serious safety risk.

Being an MOT Tester myself I frequently saw disgruntled customers complaining they had only just had their tyres replaced however on further questioning it turns out they had part-worns fitted very recently that had now failed an MOT test for various reasons. These tyres are often sold as seen and come with no warranty.

Safety reasons aside, saving money short term to purchase part-worn tyres is normally a false economy. A part-worn tyre would typically cost you in the regions for £25 fitted with 2.5-3 mm of tread where-as a new tyre would typically cost in the regions of £40 and have 8 mm's of tread.

So In Short, why pay more per mm of tread to put yours and others lives at risk?

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