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Winter Tyres Guide: Do you need them?

Drivers across Britain are heading into the season in which they could be about to feel that terrifying feeling as they brake on a wet, slippy or icy road, but find their car fails to stop, instead gliding along beyond their control.

Do I really need winter tyres in the UK?

Investing in a set of winter tyres could cut accidents and give you much better grip on the road but is it worth it in the UK and do you need them?

It's estimated that only 3% of car owners in Britain have winter tyres fitted – maybe because few people realise they are not just for snow but can cut accidents in wet and cold conditions as well.

Tyre manufacturers say drivers are better off with winter tyres whenever the temperature dips below 7C. As they are made of a different rubber compound (a high silica content which makes them softer) and tread pattern (more sipes, or small slits, in the tread blocks), they grip the road better and allow you to safely brake on snow and ice. Tyre maker Continental says that a car travelling at 31mph will take 43 metres (141ft) to stop on snow using standard tyres, but just 35 metres (115ft) when fitted with winter tyres, potentially the difference between a crash or not!

According to experts, winter tyres are effective in temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius, which we generally see during UK winters. Chairman of TyreSafe, one of the UK’s leading tyre safety organisations, Stuart Jackson, says: “There is a misconception that cold weather tyres are not appropriate for drivers in the UK. “However, this couldn't be further from the truth. “Cold weather tyres provide much better grip in both wet and dry conditions when the temperature falls below seven degrees, so they offer extra safety typically from October to March.”


I'm interested in winter tyres - how much would a set cost me?

Like most tyres the cost varies depending on the car, and the quality of tyre, but in general good winter tyres will start at around £60 each. You can view our huge range of Winter Tyres here, and don't forget Mobile Tyres Nottingham will come to you to fit them and can even store your summer tyres for you! A spokesman for tyre manufacturer Falken said: “It’s worth noting that winter tyres can save money. "They are usually cheaper to buy than summer tyres and because you are using these, you could save wear on expensive summer tyres, making them last longer.”

Are there any other factors to consider?

Storage should be on your list of things to think about, but that is no problem if you use Mobile Tyres Nottingham as we have a secure storage depot where we can keep your summer tyres until you're ready to put them back on! They will be kept in a dark, dry environment to avoid sun damage.

So what's left to think about? Safety, storage sorted, come to your home to fit them. View our huge range of winter tyres here and book your appointment with Mobile Tyres Nottingham today!

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